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The Ultimate Controller for Creators

What is TourBox Neo?

TourBox is a new generation productivity tool specially designed for digital creators. Ergonomic design enables you to control with just one hand, fully compatible with any creative software, bringing customizable, easy-to-use, and portable characteristics into life. Whether you are a photographer, designer, cartoonist, video/audio editor, or 3D engineer, etc. Daily operating experience with TourBox Neo leads to the senses of simplicity, efficiency and seamlessness.

TourBox Neo is a new generation product launched by TourBox Tech in 2021,  with improved  components calibration, more extensive customization support, and preferable user experience.

Equipped with all-new knob and dial

TourBox Neo Authentically Does Users

Favors To Solve Operation Problems.

In Adobe Lightroom, you can easily adjust the parameter of exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, and so on with a lightly turning of the knob. Eyes only needed to focus on changes of the image instead of staring at parameter bar, getting practitioners return to the creation itself.

TourBox sets creators free from tedious editing operations. For its dial, knob and the wheel, any operations like timeline fast-moving, frame by frame stepping or timeline zooming in/out will be freewheeling once whoever possesses it.

You can easily control the size, flow, transparency and hardness of the brush during drawing with a versatile knob, zoom in and out with a roll, or drag images by pressing a button. All these controls can be achieved with a single hand without moving it. In addition, TourBox also works seamlessly with a mouse and a digital panel.

Simply set the software shortcuts to TourBox to significantly reduce the difficulty of operation, speed up your workflow, and enhance the creative experience. You can also configure your own TourBox according to your own habits and different software.

Use it, Rely on it

We followed users’ thinking logics and operation habits when designing TourBox’s hardware and software. Thanks to the powerful tag system and prompt system, anyone can use the device easily in no time. After using it for a while, you will find it has become part of yourself. Its layout for one-hand operation, intuitive control and powerful customization functions can lift your work efficiency to a new level. Yes, a real tool must be the extension of hands, which helps you think, create and control in the way you want and lets you rely on it.

They’re All Using It

Since the official launch in 2020,

TourBox has been praised highly by more than 100,000 users

in 58 countries worldwide.

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