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TourBox Elite New

TourBox Elite New

Starts at $268

TourBox Elite is a Bluetooth editing console for creative professionals. It supports software including Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Clip Studio Paint, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and other painting, photo, and video editing programs. Enjoy your customized controller and kickstart a new journey!

· Dual-Host Bluetooth LE5.0

· Advanced Haptic Feedback

· Wide Creative Software Compatibility

· Configure Buttons As You Like

· Windows and macOS Software Supported

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Return Policy: 14-Day Refund

Warranty Policy: 1-Year Warranty

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How is TourBox working in
various programs?


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TourBox Elite

What makes it uniquely desirable?

The First Bluetooth Editing Controller
in the Industry

As the first Bluetooth controller for digital creators in the market, we plan to stay ahead, by creating an unprecedented & compelling protocol for Bluetooth editing controller. This Bluetooth LE 5.0 technology provides seamless, instant connection to your devices with perfectly consistent and strong pairing ability.

All Well-Handled

Synchronize Multiple Programs and Projects

As a dual-channel Bluetooth controller, featuring presets auto switch, TourBox Elite allows you to switch seamlessly among various devices and programs.

Haptic Feedback

We Make the Editing Even More Engaging

Configurable Feedback Intensity

Traditional motors feature a low damp, high elasticity and slow response. By contrast, the innovative wide-band vibration motor is characterized by rapid start and stop with accurate and timely response, making it perfect to simulate the haptic touch.

Adjust Speed As You Like

Think of it as if you’re changing the scroll settings on your mouse, how many lines to scroll each time, the speed and sensitivity control will do exactly that. There are three dedicated modes: Standard, Slow1 and Slow2.


Integrated Components and Buttons

An excellent product shall bring the ultimate user experience. When designing the TourBox Elite, we adapted 4 different switch encoders, and carefully modified the layout, to cater to the needs of various scenarios and frequency. All these buttons come with unique shapes and tactile touch, bringing you into the most engaging editing tour.

More Color Options

Now the Elite version comes with 3 different colors: Classic Black, Ivory White and Modern Smoke-Black Translucent.

Special Edition

Modern Smoke-Black Translucent

Ivory White

More Color Options

Now the Elite version comes with 3 different colors: Classic Black, Ivory White and Modern Smoke-Black Translucent.

Classic Black

Custom Console

Configure Every Button

As You Like

TourBox Elite comes with only 14 buttons, yet it supports nearly 100 straightforward actions including single-click, double-click, press and hold and combos.

All keyboard and mouse shortcuts can be mapped onto the TourBox Elite. Every button is configurable. And it’s more than that.

Built-In Feature

Performance Way Beyond

The exclusive built-in feature enables a smoother experience and higher efficiency beyond the keyboard and mouse.

Handling Multiple Workflows

Presets Auto Switch

Our auto-switch feature allows you to manage multiple presets and automatically switch to the corresponding preset.

Macro Command

More Possibilities and Less Workload

Our macro command comes with a highly intuitive UI and foolproof setup. Now you can leave all the confusing codes behind, and set up your macro command with just a few clicks.

Configurable actions include keyboard shortcuts, mouse action, delay, text input, file and folder opening, and link directing.


Our Unique Plugin

TourMenu is a menu tool developed by TourBox Tech. It allows you to store over 10 actions under 1 single button.

Assign a TourMenu on the button, click it to call out the TourMenu, scroll through the list and choose the one to register. How convenient!

The TourBox Community

Create, Share and Inspire

We have this community where “TourBoxers” share the presets they made to apply the TourBox in various software including Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Affinity Photo, DaVinci Resolve, etc. We are excited to see what the future holds!

More Features

Tag System

Instead of memorizing all the hotkeys, now you got to decide which button is for which hotkey, and what name you want to put on it!

Responsive HUD Prompt

Actions on the TourBox's directional pad could be projected on the screen so that you are less awkward at the beginning.

Product Videos

  • Photo Editing with TourBox Elite

  • Video Editing with TourBox Elite

  • Digital Painting with TourBox Elite

Package Contents

  • TourBox Elite
  • Safety Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Batteries

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