The Must-Have
Left-Handed Controller for Digital Art

TourBox Elite
TourBox Neo

Streamline photo editing workflow with a single hand, including browsing, culling, color grading, retouching, and re-creation, significantly enhances efficiency and experience.

The unique layout of the dial, knob, and scroll makes the control and adjustment of brush parameters, canvas, and layers flexible, seamless, and intuitive.
The powerful operating system, TourBox Console, provides hundreds of customizable control options for its 14 buttons.
The dynamic panel, TourMenu, creates a versatile magic tool drawer that's always at your fingertips. Use the TourBox to embark on a whole new art creation experience.

TourBox Elite
TourBox Neo
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How to Enhance Your Art Creation with TourBox


The Super Knob
Nail Down All Brush Adjustments

Brush Size, Opacity, Hardness, Flow
All Set with a Single Knob

No need to interrupt the creative flow, fumbling around the keyboard.
Achieve precise adjustments with ease.

Rotate to Adjust Brush Angle

Change the brush angle without searching through menus or dragging the mouse. A simple turn of the knob does the trick.

No Shortcuts for
Brush Opacity?
Use the Knob

Map different brush opacities to up and down wheel actions using macro commands. No need using the keyboard for this.

Quickly Cycle Through Brushes

Switch between brushes with a flick of the wheel, without moving away from your canvas.


Feel Like Holding Paper
In Your Hand

Twist to Rotate Canvas
Scroll to Zoom

It follows your hand's natural gestures when you use it to rotate or zoom the canvas, providing intuitive, responsive feedback. The unique layout of the scroll, dial, and knob ensures these two actions seamlessly integrate, spanning the entire art creation process.

Horizontal Flip, Vertical Flip

One-click flip, keeping your creative flow uninterrupted.


One-Click Command
Save Your Time

Simplify Layer Management

Quickly select, add, delete, merge layers, create layer groups, and make smart objects, all without complex keyboard shortcuts.

Twist to Adjust Layer Opacity

Effortlessly adjust layer opacity by twisting, with no need for mouse clicks or keyboard inputs.

Instant Access to Various Adjustment Layers

One click to access and adjust layer settings such as curves, hue/saturation, color balance, and colors via the pop-up TourMenu.

Scroll to Apply Blend Modes

Set the built-in "Blend Mode" function to the scroll wheel in TourBox Console, to easily scroll and apply blend modes.

Swiftly Select Common Blending Modes

Integrate common blending modes into customized panels for one-click selection, eliminating the need to search through lists.

3D Modeling

Human Figure Model Control

3D Perspective Adjustment

Scroll the wheel to freely move the camera angle in 3D space, allowing the 3D figure to pose accordingto character personalities.

Head Outline Adjustment

Rotate to finely adjust the head module's head shape, eyes, nose, eyebrows, ears, mouth, and other elements for quick style changes, such as realistic, youthful, or slim facial styles.


Magic Tool Drawer

Flexible Tool Switching

Quickly switch between brushes, erasers, lassos, paint buckets, smudge tools, pens, text tools, and more with different buttons.

Add Tools to the Pop-up TourMenu

You can also configure various tools on TourMenu for quick access. One click to call, scroll to select, or use the mouse for selection.


Animation Made Easier

Control the Animation Timeline

Move and zoom the timeline more intuitively. Quick operations like previous segment, next segment, play, and add animation frames are at your fingertips.

Adjust Animation Frame Exposure

Twist to effortlessly increase or decrease animation frame exposure, without repeated pressing.

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Explore TourBox Custom Console

TourBox Neo

Ergonomic Design
100% Customizable
Enriched Built-in Functions
Supports Almost Software
Precise Algorithm

From $169

TourBox Elite

Dual-Host Bluetooth 5.0
Advanced Haptic Feedback
Robust Upgraded Chip
Comfortable Touch
UV Anti-Fingerprint Coating

From $268