Video Editing

Simplifies everything in a video editing workflow, extensively and unexpectedly.

Modify every nuance with your head, heart, gut, and hand on the TourBox.

Scroll the timeline
Edit video track height
Navigate by jumping
Media browser, well-handled

If you suffer from the mouse drags, try TourBox. Use it to scroll the timeline, fast or slow, zoom in or out, just like that.

Trimming the clips, like a shot.

Use the razor tool
Control the speed
Add effects and transitions

When the razor tool flies in between clips, the montage is demonstrated and a story is told.

Enhance photos professionally, and perfect every detail.

Steer the basic panel
Master the color wheel

You strive for perfection and here's TourBox. Refine anything including the temperature, hue, exposure, contrast, etc.

Twist the knob and get your favorite angle and size.

Zoom and rotate the video

Simply spin the dial or the knob, you could create awesome zooming and rotating effects. It is just a walk in the park.

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Video Experts Said They Enjoy TourBox!

Ben Johnson

From Instagram

“I'm enjoying using it, i do think it speeds up the workflow a bit and it really dose put a lot less stress on your hands.”

Serge M

From Twitter

“After using the TourBox for a while, you really get to appreciate the time that went into the design. The physical buttons and dials are really well placed and feel very natural to use”

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TourBox Neo

Ergonomic Design
100% Customizable
Enriched Built-in Functions
Supports Almost Software
Precise Algorithm

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TourBox Elite

Dual-Host Bluetooth 5.0
Advanced Haptic Feedback
Robust Upgraded Chip
Comfortable Touch
UV Anti-Fingerprint Coating

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